Mental Health


Looking for a Therapy Dog?

Search our directory and find your nearest “Lead The Way Certified” therapy dog & handler teams. Search for the right team by service category – Aged Care, Disability, Education/Schools, Health/Medical, Mental Health, Recreational or Volunteer

Here you will find the many graduates of Lead The Way AAI Institute.  Our graduates have undergone intensive assessments, and agree to follow the strictest ethical, safety and professional guidelines.  Lead The Way does not offer individual recommendations or endorsements, neither are graduates employees of Lead The Way.

Whats New? From late 2022, all Certified Handlers will be listed in our Directory, including their level of certification!

Directory listings include; the handler’s Certification Number and level (Provisional Handler, Certified Handler, Advanced Handler, Multi-Dog Handler or Practitioner) and will include the dog’s level of certification (Learner, Visiting, Advanced, Multi-Dog) and expiration date.

Mental Health

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