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Foundation Certification for Therapy Horses

December 2 - December 6

Certification for Therapy Horses

In partnership with Equine Fusion, Lead the Way offers an intensive 5-day course for individuals wishing to train their pony/horse as a Therapy Horse for work in Equine-Assisted Interventions (EAI) or ‘equine therapy’.

This intensive course is designed to provide a solid foundation to working with your pony/horse in professional therapeutic settings (e.g. Equine-Assisted Therapy), or in visiting settings.  The course provides a comprehensive background to Therapy-Horse training, handling, socialisation, psychology and body language. We also provide guidance on the formalities and logistics of visiting with your pony/horse, including ethics, occupational health and safety, insurance and policies & procedures.  We provide an overview of the of the neurobiological impacts of Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) and the benefits of Equine-Assisted Interventions that will complement training in various EAI models (such as EPI, EAGALA, EPONA).


  • People wanting to certify their pony/horse to visit facilities such as nursing homes or schools
  • Experienced pony/horse owners wanting to begin their training in Equine-Assisted Interventions
  • Existing EAI practitioners who want to extend their services to include site or facility visits to clients
  • EAI practitioners who want to enhance their horse handling skills, and
  • EAI practitioners who want the peace of mind that their working pony/horse has certification

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Melanie Jones
03 9761 0973