Dog Training Classes

Group dog-training classes for visiting dogs

Group training classes are now available to people wanting to prepare their dogs for Therapy Dog, School Dog or other visiting work, and for those who have graduated from our Certification courses and would like to maintain or extend their skills.

Learn with the best!

Group classes are a great way to get your dog started on the right path towards their future career. This is particularly important for baby puppies who move through their critically important socialisation period from 8 to 14/18 weeks of age. Class sizes are strictly capped to ensure the best possible service, so book early to avoid disappointment. Memberships available allowing access to discounted class prices.

Time:  Thursday Evenings

Venue: Lead The Way Institute Training Centre, Unit 5/91 Dorset Road, Ferntree Gully, Vic. 3156 OR: Online

Information & Bookings: Call 03 9761 0973 for more information and to register for our online booking portal

*Summer break: 16th December 2023 – 19th January 2024* Classes resume 25/1/24

Introductory Class & Specialist Puppy Class

Introductory classes are open to people who would like to investigate our training, ask questions, and see if our courses or programmes may be a good fit for themselves and their dogs. Classes also help to consolidate the learning taught during Certification workshops, and are an excellent opportunity to practice skills. 

At this level, dogs are taught foundational concepts through positive reinforcement and shaping games. Handlers learn the fundamentals of communicating with their dog, reading body language, understanding behaviour and assisting dogs to develop self regulation. Specific socialisation topics are covered each session to ensure dogs can confidently face a range of sights, sounds, smells, equipment, situations and animals that they may encounter in the future.

Puppies are encouraged to join in our Introductory Classes where they will learn all of the fundamentals required to develop into happy and social members of our human world. With a focus on behaviour and self-regulation your puppy will learn good manners from a young age, and is much less likely to go on to develop concerning behaviours which could negatively impact on their ability to pursue a career as a visiting dog. Socialisation topics at the Introductory level are particularly relevant for assisting puppies to develop social confidence and curiosity.

In Person Classes: 6.30 pm Thursdays

Online Classes: 7.30pm Thursday (fortnightly)

Preparation Class

At this level handlers and their Learner dogs prepare for Level 2 (full) Certification, ensuring they are confident in meeting the Level 2 standards. 

The preparation class focusses on the development of reliable skills that will be of assistance in your dog’s future working life. There is a greater focus on working under high levels of distraction, and ensuring that dogs are confident, happy and social .  Please note this class is not suitable for dogs under 6 months of age. Dogs must have passed Learner certification (Level 1 day 4).

In Person Classes: 7.30 pm Thursdays (fortnightly – week 1)

Online Classes: 7.30pm Thursday (fortnightly – week 2)

Pre-requisite: Learner Certification 

Maintenance Class

If you have previously trained or Certified with us, you’re eligible to attend maintenance class. Keep up your skills in a friendly and supportive group with other graduates. This class is suitable for graduates working at the Level 2 standard, and for those who are preparing for Level 3.

In Person Classes: 7.30 pm Thursdays (fortnightly – week 2)

Online Classes: 7.30pm Thursday (fortnightly – week 2)

Pre-requisite: Visiting (L2) Certification


Extension Class

These classes will help you to develop your skills to the next level in preparation for Advanced Certification, and keep you learning more even after completing your advanced training. This class is open to graduates at Level 3 or above

In Person Classes: 7.30 pm Thursdays (fortnightly – week 2)

Online Classes: 7.30pm Thursday (fortnightly – week 2)

 Pre-requisite: Level 3

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for those who need a little extra support, guidance or time. They’re a great way to jump start your training, help your dog get settled, or workshop specific goals.

By appointment only