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Online Short Courses in Animal Assisted Interactions

Online short courses offer flexible options for those wanting to learn more about animal assisted interventions and interactions (AAI). If you are a novice in the field, or experienced, you will find a range of learning opportunities to suit your needs.

Offering more choice and flexibility than ever before, our suite of online short courses provides students with the knowledge to prepare themselves for a rewarding career working with clients and animals.

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Is My Dog Suitable To Be A Visiting, Therapy or School Dog?

Are you interested in involving your dog at work, but not sure if your dog is suitable? Do you have clients or students who might benefit from interacting with your dog, but you’re concerned about your dog’s training or temperament? Perhaps you would like to give back to your local community, taking your dog for visits at a nursing home or hospital, but worry your dog may be too old or too young. This short course outlines the requirements for a successful visiting dog allowing you to determine the suitability of your dog.


(course under re-development, check back soon!)

Therapy and Visiting Dogs are NOT Assistance/Service Dogs

We live in a world where there is a broad range of terminology used to describe the various roles dogs can take in our lives. The word “therapy dog” is used in a variety of ways, making it difficult to understand the differences between different roles. This course is designed to help clarify the differences between a visiting or ‘therapy’ dog and an assistance dog.


Course under redevelopment – check back soon!

What Dog Is Right For Me?

There are many different roles that our dogs can take in our lives and in our communities. It can be difficult to know which role is right for you and your family. Should your dog train as a visiting therapy dog offering love and support to your clients? Should your dog train as an emotional support or service/assistance dog to support you or a family member? This short course is designed to help you firstly consider whether a dog is the right addition to your family and then to understand what might be the best role for your dog to take in your life. We will also explore how Lead the Way may be able to help you achieve this goal.

Course under redevelopment – check back soon!

Preparing Your Dog To Be A Visiting Dog

Are you adopting a new puppy you’d love to train as a visiting, therapy or school dog? Do you already live with a dog who would make a great visiting dog? Have you been wondering about how to start their training? If you have been looking for some guidance on preparing them to be a visiting dog then this short course is designed to do just that!

This self-paced stand alone short course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to begin socialisation and training of their dog with the intention to go on to work with people.  Even for those who don’t intend to work in CAI, this course provides advice on developing a great foundation for a well rounded, well socialised and well behaved canine companion.

Course under redevelopment – check back soon!

Foundational Courses

Introduction to Multidisciplinary Animal Assisted Interactions (AAI)

This self-paced, short e-course provides participants with a basic understanding of what is involved in the delivery of AAIs, their scope, benefits, and applications in a range of multidisciplinary settings. Log in at your leisure and complete the modules and associated quizzes to receive your certificate of completion.

Course under redevelopment – check back soon!

Canine Assisted Interactions (CAI) - Foundations of Practice

Have you been asked to develop or supervise a therapy dog programme? Do you want to know how to get started, and what might be involved? This short e-course will provide you with the knowledge to develop a safe and ethical service.

This course comprises all of the CAI theory, policies, procedures, standards and best practice guidelines you will need to get your programme started! These alone represent decades of experience and thousands of hours of research and development. Log in at your leisure and complete the modules and associated quizzes to receive your certificate of completion.

(Pre-Requisite – Introduction to MultiDisciplinary AAI)

Course under redevelopment – check back soon!

Advanced Courses