Professional Development & Consultancy

In addition to offering training and certification, Lead The Way provides professional development and consultancy in animal assisted interactions (AAI) for individuals and organisations.

Professional Development, Seminars & Conference Presentations

Our team are experts in their fields and can provide dynamic presentations to a wide variety of professional audiences. Accompanied by our visiting therapy dogs, presentations are designed to be engaging and hands-on. We offer training at both introductory and advanced levels.  

Organisational Consultancy

Lead the Way can assist organisations with the process of beginning an Animal-Assisted Interaction (AAI) programme, or refining existing programmes. There is more to effective engagement than simply having an animal present – understanding the benefits of Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) and developing gaol focussed interactions can make the difference between a successful and a failing service.

Clinical Supervision & Coaching/Mentoring

Professionals working in the field of Animal-Assisted Interactions (AAI) may find themselves isolated and in need of strategic direction. This is where clinical or professional supervision can be helpful. From gaining general knowledge to problem solving specific cases, we can assist professionals to make the most of their working partnerships with their therapy animals.